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Providing the Strongest Coatings on the Market

GreenLife Coatings and Restoration provides a professionally applied system of high science technologies designed to offer invisible long-life protection with drastically improved longevity for surface throughout a home or business. We offer the worlds best Sealer's, Coatings, Nanotechnology Sciences, and surface protection. Natural Stone, Glass, Metal, Porcelain, and Slip Resistance.

Specializing in Restoration

GreenLife Coatings and Restoration Protects and Restores Natural Stone, Concrete, Terrazzo, Glass, Metal, Grout, and Manufactured Stone. We specialize in Historical Restoration Projects, Remodels, New Construction, and Maintenance.

Products, Restoration and Protection


No more etching and no more staining on your Marble, Limestone and Onyx

Tough skin surface protection is made from a proprietary stone laminate. TuffSkin is offered by GreenLife Coatings and Restoration and is made from a high tech polyester used extensively in the Hospitality industry and high end Residential Projects. 
No more etching or staining. Guaranteed!

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GreenLife Coatings and Restoration Will Bring Your Surfaces Back to Life

Our stone restoration team is second to none and specializes in Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Terrazzo, Concrete, and Artisan Repairs.  From removing etching and staining to polishing and honing, you can come to us confidently every time.

GreenLife Coatings and Restoration has completed millions of square feet of restoration throughout California and is the company designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners count on to get the right results. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we will not let you down.

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Surface Protection

GreenLife Coatings and Restoration can bond to just about anything

GreenLife Coatings and Restoration applies, manufactures, and licenses nanotechnology coatings and sealers that provide extreme longevity to Glass, Stone, Metal, Wood, and Manufactured Stone. The proper sealers and coatings make the surface as durable as possible and easily maintained.

Our professionally applied system of nanotechnology sciences offer invisible, long-life protection, drastically improved indoor air quality, and preservation of all surfaces throughout a home or business.